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Title: Daydreams
Chapter 8: A Master and His Subordinates

“Yeah, whatever. Go tell the princess that we’re home.”

I looked up at the familiar brown building that towered over me. Yeah, home.

Anya’s POV

Hayden and Mai stopped before a big brown building. It looked like a fancy warehouse. And by fancy, I mean not at all. It was on the larger side that had dark brown metal siding with rust creeping up from the bottom. I examined the roof which was jet black and had one chimney on the right side that emitted black “toxins”, as Thyme would call it, into the air. The ground was relatively bare; I guess these people really didn’t need to impress people by the looks of their “lawn care”.

Although, I suppose you really didn’t have to worry about impressing anyone. There was just a dirt road that extended out past the trees of the forest. I actually haven’t even seen a person, since I met Mai. Why are these people so secretive?

“The only green this place consists of is the mold on the side of the building.” Thyme whispered to Aaron. I could tell without even looking at her face that she was already disgusted.

Mai whispered to Hayden and walked on ahead of him. He turned to us and waited until we caught up to him. “Okay, Mai said you guys can use our room. It’s a bit cramped, but it will work until I can escape this place.”

“Why would you need to escape? You aren’t going to leave for good, are you? This is your home.” I asked when he turned his back to us.

“This place will never be home. I have been needing a good reason to finally leave this place. It looks like a reason.” He peeked behind him and our eyes met for a second. He quickly looked around to the tall doors ahead of us. “Well, let’s get this over with.” He crept quietly across the dirt through the large rusted door.

As we reached the door, he slowly started to creak it open and tiptoed through the entrance. One by one we followed him through the door and along the narrow corridors. As a natural reflex, I memorized my way around the building; as a precaution should anything go wrong. After about 5 minutes of sneaking around the halls, we finally reached a door with named embedded onto it. It was so worn down and rusted you could only make out the first letter of each word: an M and H.

As he opened the door he ushered us in and quickly closed the door behind him. The room was dark and damp. I mean I didn’t expect much considering the outside of the place, but this could not have been comfortable to live in. There were two beds perpendicular to each other in the corner of the room. Each had one pillow and a few sets of blankets stacked neatly on top of the foot of each.

There was no mattress, just a slab of metal that stood up similar to a table. There was also one makeshift closet and one and two dressers. Other than that, the room was completely bare. Granted, you can’t fit much else inside. We barely fit; let alone other items for storage. This room definitely makes me miss my home. Well, the place that used to be my home.

“Roomy.” I remarked. Just as he rolled his eyes, Mai came bursting into the room.

“Okay losers, here is the deal. Flame brain and I are going to head to the common room for a mandatory meeting regarding matters that are not relevant to you. So, let’s get out of here. The meeting is now, and by that I mean five minutes ago.” He stared at him with her lips pursed and waited for him to walk out of the room.

“Yeah, I know Mai. Give me one minute. You three stay here and stay quiet. I will be back as soon as I can. Mai will most likely be back sooner than me. So, please act civilized until then.” He looked at me when he slowly said the final sentence. Got it. Sit here like the good person I am not. In an instant they were both out of the door, and under my assumption talking about us. And by us, I mean me.

“Okay, you two stay here. I have a very secretive, very interesting meeting to attend.” The moment I touched to door Thyme spoke up.

“I don’t think that is such a good idea.”

“Look, I know you think that I should just sit here and blindly follow his command, but unlike you I do NOT trust him or anyone else for that matter.”

“Just because you have trust issues, it doesn’t mean you have to start staking him. He is smart. He will know what you are doing.”

“Good. Then he won’t be shocked when he catches me.” With that I was out the door. Okay, An. Right or left. I took my 50/50 shot and went down the left. The halls were dimly lit and hard to navigate. Once I got far enough down the long hallway, I heard voices. Not just 9 or 10, more like 100. I came to the corner of the hall way and bright light shone through. When I peeked around the corner, I saw the biggest room in probably the whole building.

People sat everywhere. They were of all ages and ethnicities. Even though that was the case, they all had the same kind of seriousness about them. They sat there in there ‘typical badass’ kind of clothes. They were all silent and stared off into different directions. It was as if all of their emotion had been stripped away. Where are Hayden and Mai?

The room wasn’t very extravagant. The room was filled with couches, chairs, and tables. In the corner sat a tiny kitchen. At the counter of the kitchen, there stood a tall man in a business suit. The man was had brown hair and a 5 o’clock shadow starting to appear. If I could describe him as anything, it would be a business man. Although this was the case, he was the most intimidating out of everyone else in the room. His voice was much more soothing then I expected. He spoke with a sense of urgency, but also with a calming voice. It was more like a mother calming down a child than a master speaking to his subordinates.

“Okay and the last order of business happens to be about room inspections. As you all know, I like to keep things orderly, and I expect all of you to abide by my rules.” He stopped for a moment. I could feel the intensity in the air. “Therefore in the morning, Kimm and Micheals are to do room inspections.”

Groans filled the room and an all too familiar voice spoke up. “Sir, with all due respect, I think that you should assign someone else for this task. As you are aware-”

“Yes, Hayden. I am well aware that you have just arrived in our haven. That does not mean you can slack off from your duties. As head of the thieves, I am in charge of all of you. And as head subordinate, you are to carry out all of my duties I see fit. Am I understood?”

“Yes, Master.” Hayden bowed his head and shot may a concerned look.
An unfamiliar person spoke up. “Permission to speak, sir?”

“Permission granted, Rhodes.”

“Since those two happen to room together, who will be in charge of their inspection? It is only fair they also get the same form of treatment.” Everyone turned from the boy back to the master. It was obvious that the question made everyone uncomfortable.

“That is none of your business. I will take care of all of those matters. It seems to me that I have lost respect from all of you. If it continues to remain this way, there will be consequences. Am I understood?” Everyone nodded in agreement. “Good. Well, that is all the questions and announcements. All of you are dismissed except for Micheals.” Everyone stood up and started into different hallways and directions. A small group people started heading my way, and I ducked into the nearest closet.

“I swear! I am so tired of Mai and Hayden getting special treatment around here. Master should see it. If anyone was going to betray him it would be Hayden. That lousy freak.”

“I am aware of your concern Rhodes. Everyone feels the same, but there is nothing we can do. We just have to follow orders. That is why we are here.”

With that the voices trailed off down the hall. I closed my eyes and listened until I couldn’t hear anymore movement before I slithered out of the closet. I looked around the corner and looked at the two men standing before me. Hayden was like a statue. He stood with grace and posture that resembled a soldier ready for battle. The man in the suit held himself tall. You could tell from the two that one stood with pride and the other with obedience.

“I think you have forgotten your place here.”

“No, sir. I could never forget.” In that instant Hayden knelt down before him, his head bowed down.

“Forgive me.”

“Very well, I suppose you are forgiven. While you are here tell me, did you carry out your mission as planned?”

“For the most part. I have gained some very valuable information. If we are lucky, I might be able to convince them to join us. If that is alright with you of course.”

“It all depends on how valuable they can be to our statement and purpose. What have you learned?”

“For starters, there are three. Two of them haven’t shown me their abilities. The third on the other hand is quite powerful. She has strength in close and distant combat. I have seen it up close and personal.”

“Have you gained their trust?

“I am still working on that. The first two I mentioned are closer than the last. She seems to be the leader. She will take a little more time.”

“Very well, if that is all you are dismissed for the night.” And with that Hayden stood up and began to walk towards me. The man watched every move he made. I turned and ran down the hall back to the room. I don’t care about being quiet anymore. We need to get out of here.

The nerve of him! He was working as a spy all along. I reached the door and blew into the room.

“Thyme! Aaron! We need to-”

“Spying are we? What all did you hear?”

Mai shut the door and began to walk towards me. She pinned me against the wall and stared me down, her dark eyes getting more intense.

“I heard everything. Hayden is a spy. I don’t know how you found out about us, or why you want us, but we are leaving.” I stepped to the side and Hayden appeared into the room. I walked up to him and in a split second smashed my fist into his face. After that, Mai grabbed both of my arms and place a gun to my head.

“Hayden you need to talk some sense into this girl. Thyme get your perky ass over here now.” Thyme came and placed her hands on my face.

“Hunny, we know everything. Mai informed us as soon as she came back from the meeting. Hayden went at first to spy. He is okay now. We can trust him.” A large hand was placed on her shoulder and she looked up at Hayden; his face already red bruising from the punch.

Hayden’s POV

I stared back toward the room when I heard hushed arguing. I thought I made myself clear about staying quiet.  I dashed down the hall only to mind myself listening at the door. Just as I thought,of course Mai and Anya were the ones’ to stir up trouble. I threw myself into the room, and before I had a second to assess the situation, I was punched right in the jaw. The shock and stinging pain sent me right into the door behind me. That bitch.

I stood up and walked myself over to commotion. I placed my hand gently on Thyme’s shoulder and spoke, “I don’t really know what happened, but before we start up another fight, we all need to leave. Mai, I don’t really know if you have made up your mind, and I promised to give you the night. Circumstances being what they are, you need to make a decision. Now-”.

“I am not going anywhere with you. You lying piece of-”

“Will you please shut up for once? I don’t know if you just like the sound of your own voice, but I need to speak.” He shot daggers at me. “Now, if you feel the need to beat the shit out of me once we leave then fine. I don’t really care. All I care about is your safety, and frankly, I am sticking my neck out pretty far for you princess.”

“Stop calling me princess, you traitor! You gained our trust, and then you threw it aside.”

“So, you are saying you trusted me?”

“I admit nothing to you.”

“Well,” he held out his hand and stared into my eyes, “please trust me again.”
Daydreams Chapter 8
So, hiya!!!!
I am soooo very sorry about not ever posting this. I am currently chapters ahead and out of a writers block, and I have given up procrastination.
I hope people read this. Once, again I am very sorry!! I love you all and I am back! 
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